THE Blizzard Main procedure designer Woman Kodak just talks about the wish tam

30. července 2013 v 5:00

THE Blizzard Main procedure designer Woman Kodak just talks about sell guild wars 2 gold the wish tam and funture.Reads as follows: Created a map of the procedure, the primary tale of this map is the beginning completed. Then the designers have a certain independence of each wish by procedure to do their own product of the map to a certain level of execute on the tale.
Blizzard will some wow gold or wow items for the children buzz blizzard will look for them. Phase system, now using less, only large actions. In this case the gamer can not be divided in the CTM is a problem. And the most important for old gamers is:"Design wish while also considering the gamers do not study the purpose statement. Players to do the procedure, even if not to see the procedure written text should also have a common concept of the tale."

If each work-related designed work-related wish, Panda Elijah at least you have to stop a map, because enhancing these elements need to get a have Benn 7 decades yet ,2012 blizzard to protected and win more wow gamers who have been Followed the new patch-Panda .but it seems like no so welcome. Some gamers said:"wow it's a old game" someone said :the old style just raid and wish "but lately blizzard said "the 5.2 patch will provide gamers a different globe and different seems, new wish, new raid, New position and so on "so most gamers visitor the 5.2pathch will come out around the Christmas day .

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