One requirement is that all members of the dungeon must comply with stage

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One requirement is that all members Buy old school rs gold
of the dungeon must comply with stage requirements, or else no compensate will be given to any individual. Using the Dungeon Finder to unique a dungeon on regular problems will compensate you with Rights Points.

Mists is developed to be powerful without alts. As someone who PvPs, end-game material hasn't ever really been a big issue for me, although I did put a quit to Monster Soul and Firelands raiding after a factor. So at the end of Cataclysm, I had a while on my arms, and like everyone else I equalized some alts. Not that many, thoughts you, I only had six stage 85 figures at the end of Cataclysm. But I liked it! I really experienced having alts. I liked that, if there was a raid that called for one reservoir, I could quickly change onto my shaman and cure, or my preacher and cure or DPS, or my mage, and so on. I liked that all these figures were reasonably designed, and that I could perform pretty well with all of them. And I liked the variety.

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