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26. června 2013 v 5:09

While stabilizing up, Endurance was probably on your priority record in what considered protect and tool statistics. When you are grindind silver as a rogue, Endurance can be reduced a bit, in fifa coins online

favor of Nimbleness, Crit chance and Attack Power. Keep in thoughts, your main objective is to get the mob down fast, you should not even have to consider passing away in the first position. If

things get really unpleasant, you draw an extra or you get some spawns, it's best to try and go away or dash, because extra HP might not help you anyway in this scenario. Finally, if

you went for Super Responses and Riposte, the chance you are getting hit is even smaller, which further enforces you to lose your Endurance in support of some harm working


Rogue Globe of Globe of warcraft Gold Developing Information - Grind Areas

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