Warcraft operations team announced the World of Warcraft routine maintenance

31. května 2013 v 4:59

In the afternoon, the national server of buy gw2 gold the World of Warcraft operations team announced the World of Warcraft routine maintenance time on the line of the week every Tuesday adjusted to 5.3 every Thursday. Fierce battle in the recent Horde vs Alliance crazy fight, and some players may not have found the World of Warcraft the next content patch - 5.3 patch downloaded in the background have been opened. To this end, we also launched a 5.3 patch corresponding preparatory work. Although the work has just started, but before and after the 5.3 patch on WOW Gold, there are some important changes and news worth attention.

First, the line in the 5.3 patch week, we will have weekly maintenance time to make changes, maintenance time from every Tuesday morning to move every Thursday morning. This also means that the next day will be every Wednesday morning the end of the routine maintenance of the United States serving the routine maintenance of the national server. At the same time, the Chinese server Valor Points per week maximum reset time, the Raid Finder difficulty reset time, the reset time of the raid, as well as weekly Conquest Point caps reset the time will get the appropriate changes.Week changes you will encounter the following changes:Monday: Valor Points per week limit, the team find a copy of the difficulty progress common tasks Conquest Point caps a week reset Tuesday: routine maintenance. The progress of the raid reset. Thursday: routine maintenance.

The courage Caps, Raid Finder difficulty, the weeks often task, weekly Conquest Point caps as well as the progress of the raid reset. After the maintenance time change, the China region server maintenance time, and the new version of the update time will be adjusted to Thursdays occurred. Specific routine maintenance changes the date, we will in the future by a separate announcement to inform you.In addition, would like to once again remind everyone that, although similar to the 5.3 patch 5.1 patch and no new raid content, but the 5.3 patch added a considerable number of new game content and plot development experience, I believe that whether you are a high-end players or casual gamers will find fun new content. And we will in the next period, one after another form of Bowen through the official website, as we bring more of the description of the new content of the 5.3 patc

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