There are also some recommendations for how the wide

17. května 2013 v 4:30

A insane post has revealed up on the EU forums buy rs gold, information the recommendations for an future "Ask the Developers" opportunity about the Pap changes on the spot 5.3 PTR. It's currently shut, but on Apr 9th the wide range will go live for 48 hours, where players are inspired to post all of their Pap-related issues and to choose on their most favorite. Don't ignore the voting option, because Happiness will be displaying issue for their responses by reputation, and the issues with the most ballots are the most likely to be settled.

There are also some recommendations for how the wide range will keep execute that are common for "Ask the Dev" particular material, and shouldn't be anything new for team experts. If you're planning on suffering from the post, it's worth studying over them so your issues have the best possibility of being taken seriously. So far it looks like this Q&A opportunity is only available to those with EU team access, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for any similar material displaying on the Northern The united states team. You will get the full red post behind the cut.

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