The minimum level required of the Leoric 's Signet is 14 level

29. května 2013 v 4:54

Many people see others get the Leoric's Signet, the first idea is to ask this question, where to get the Leoric's Signet. At present, Buy d3 gold collect many different answers. buy gw2 gold Most players think is the ordinary A2, also some people think in the A3 brush scorpion may drop, even someone think that in A4 can drop. 

 So if it is targeted to brush, whether all these places can go to? Obviously not.  The minimum level required of the Leoric 's Signet is 14 level. From this parameters we can analysis the most appropriate place to brush Leoric's Signet.  After investigation, Buy d3 gold find that the A2 task, Mr Kanas road site to flooding channel between the scene, the monster drop is usually between 13-16 level, and ring before Mr Kanas are less than 13 level, assassin basement ring is often 16 or 18 level, the assassin basement is actually common monster density and elite density is very big place, the most suitable brush fixed items, it is a pity that usually drop ring level is more than 16, so even if a unique ring, in most cases is common ring. 

 Then the other place, A3 and A4 why they also have a Leoric's Signet, Buy d3 gold's understanding is these places usually fell less than 13 level or more than 16 class ring, but occasionally off 14 level ring, and this kind of accidental circumstances is just random to legend ring, appear Leoric's Signet.  So to see so many people get the Leoric's Signet, only very few people are in A3 and A4, so that many

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