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5. května 2013 v 3:39

Google is aware of that its clients do not want to buy rs gold see 'Click Here' or any other text on every single link they come across. Part of the objective of the Penguin upgrade is to promote wide range in anchor-text to look for engines clients, so that those looking for details has a wide range of HTML connected text they can simply click - and not just wide range, but useful, so the anchor-text should indicate the web page to which they will be sent.

Positive Activity You should as different anchor-text as you can. Simply using your house Web page name or 'Click Here' will not do. Try using anchor-text with regards to your content. For example, the anchor-text in the Writer's source area of this content could be 'Google Penguin,' 'article promotion,' and 'article submission' if posted to three different back-link resources. Even if you are posting the same content to several guides, you can at least change the anchor-text for each one, and as you are about to learn, also the web page connected to cheap wow gold that anchor-text.

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