world of Globe of realm of warcraft in China’s improvement

25. dubna 2013 v 4:54

Good news,world of Globe of realm of warcraft in China's improvement.

Today I observed a information cheap wow gold, is appropriate to realm of Globe of realm of warcraft in China providers improvement.On August th, the Beijing press and Book Organization web page publicity "world of Warcraft: Panda puzzle" has passed the approval.The approval procedure has been revealed to the press and Book Administration audit.

The overseas version of "panda mystery" version will be launched on September th, and according to the various factors of data, the nationwide support "panda mystery" time will be very near to the improvement of world version?

As we know, "World of Warcraft: the key of the Panda" is it all product of data for the "World of Warcraft" players will be able to upgrade to experience to discover the new place. Portion of data to add a neutral opponents "Panda" and a new career - monks..

World of Globe of realm of warcraft is a amazing activity, but in China providers it is subjected to a information publication bureau approval, so improvement has been slowly, but nowadays he accepted, which for all the China like realm of Globe of realm of warcraft player is a amazing information.At once also to blizzard organization in China providers to perform in an encouraging

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