Undocking with an start map will no more alternative map rabbit wow

19. dubna 2013 v 5:50

Station solutions display does not disappear when provides buy wow gold and products (open and placed with a third window) are combined into the place board.

The concentrate on box will no more disappear on locked asteroids when the "Show Targeting Crosshairs" option is uncontrolled in the most popular settings.
Changing between an eye no more has any effect on crosshairs. Crosshairs remain in place even if a new tab doesn't have the type noticeable.
Undocking with an start map will no more alternative map rabbit controls with in-space rabbit controls.
Colortags which recognize gamers in your company or partnership, gamers who are noticeable as having awesome position, bad position or war goals will now display their colortag successfully in chat applications, character web page, evaluation, EVE mail and address guide.
Stations will now appear when using the reader.
The "Simple View" option in the Contracts web page will no more truncate the names of products specific on contract when the contract pillar is resized.
Market information will no more fail to update when scrolling the market quickbar past the end of the record using the laptop key pad. Furthermore, if selected products were customized too quick information would definitely quit improving and the market display had to be re-opened to get it working again. This no more happens and the market display works successfully.
Group windows under individuals and places for friends, agents or places will now update instantly when a change occurs.
Increased the place between the staying benefits of the market display and the staying y-axis of the chart to avoid published written text from dripping out of the display.
Resizing the earth map client interface will no more cause an eye to overlap.

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